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24 Gaspard

I was going to wait until I had more to show for my time spent off, but I didn't want to wait. Yes, they're of someone I haven't iconned before. Yes, he's hugely popular lately. Yes, I'm well aware that this is a form of selling-out. But honestly, have you looked at this guy? He's gorgeous! And I specifically made sure these weren't "Twilight" icons. They can be used as such, but they are first and foremost Gaspard.

Anyway, to those of you that made requests, I believe I started on some earlier, but was unhappy with how they turned out and decided not to burn your eyes with them. Give me a bit more time to get back into the iconning groove and we'll see what I come up with.

And, in case I didn't make this clear, I'm off of hiatus now and back in business. :)

[24] - Gaspard Ulliel


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GoT: Beneath the tree



I'm moving into my first apartment this week, and then starting classes again next week, so icon-making is at the bottom of my list of things to do. Your requests will be fulfilled, so fear not. They'll just be a while. And I'm sorry I didn't get this up sooner. I got sidetracked with all that stuff that's keeping me busy for the next couple weeks.

- Elizabeth

UPDATE 08/23/07: tennant_lims has open sign-ups for the second round going on now. Just click here and be whisked away to the appropriate page.
And hopefully I'll be able to start with the icon making by next week. I unexpectedly found a social life amidst the coursework, so we shall see.
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GoT: Beneath the tree

Three things:

Hey guys, I'm participating in the current challenge over at tennant_lims and we could use votes! You don't have to join to vote, but you will need to follow the rules when you submit.

I promise I'll have a batch of icons up for you by tomorrow night.

In addition to that, I was wondering if any of you had any specific requests for icons. Specific requests, meaning I'll need a phrase, a picture, a pairing, a fandom, and/or a vague idea of what you're after (examples: house/cuddy; "in an mmmbop they're gone"; Firefly; something to do with roses). Who knows, I may end up doing an entire batch out of the idea. :)
First 10 people only. And you can give me more than one idea when you comment, but please keep it down to three per person.

OFFICIALLY CLOSED - However, you can make requests whenever. I just ask that you do so in the most recent post, that way I know where to look.
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GoT: Beneath the tree

37 Multifandom

I've slacked off a bit since DW ended, and I'm sorry. :\
I was thinking of doing interest icons for anyone that wants them, but only if there's a decent demand for them. If you guys are interested tell me and I'll make the post in a few days for sign-ups.

Also, the first grouping of David ones were made for a lims contest.
[15] David Tennant - various characters
[08] The Dresden Files (tv show) - Harry, Bob & Murphy
[14] Shia LaBeouf


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