August 16th, 2006

GoT: Beneath the tree


New layout.
I always liked the look of this one.
Also, tags are up and working. I even have links for them on here. A couple are general ones (movies, television) and some are more specific (afi, firefly). As far as I know, all of the entries are tagged now. If some have escaped they'd be very early entries and, well, they're worth skipping.

So, how is everyone? Having/Had a good day, I hope?
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GoT: Beneath the tree


Alright, I've had a couple requests for this in the past, so I figured I would go ahead and do this. Please do tell me if this gets put to good use.
I want to see icons, people! :)

From this to this.
(using layers and done on PSP9, but should be easily translated to other programs)

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