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Three things:

Hey guys, I'm participating in the current challenge over at tennant_lims and we could use votes! You don't have to join to vote, but you will need to follow the rules when you submit.

I promise I'll have a batch of icons up for you by tomorrow night.

In addition to that, I was wondering if any of you had any specific requests for icons. Specific requests, meaning I'll need a phrase, a picture, a pairing, a fandom, and/or a vague idea of what you're after (examples: house/cuddy; "in an mmmbop they're gone"; Firefly; something to do with roses). Who knows, I may end up doing an entire batch out of the idea. :)
First 10 people only. And you can give me more than one idea when you comment, but please keep it down to three per person.

OFFICIALLY CLOSED - However, you can make requests whenever. I just ask that you do so in the most recent post, that way I know where to look.
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